Build a Website that Works

websiteYou may have the flashiest website in town, but unless it’s generating conversions, your page is essentially useless. So how do you spur visitors to action? It may not be as difficult as you think.

Here are a few simple tips to excite your audience and encourage them to take the next step:

Evaluate your copy.
Your website copy doesn’t need to be flashy; keep it simple and concise. Guide readers directly into a clear value proposition so they know exactly what you offer and why it’s special. Also, consider your tone. Does it match the level of your audience? Or is it too complicated—or simplistic—to inspire them?

Keep it clean.
It’s easy to be dazzled by the latest widgets when you’re building a website, but resist the urge to unnecessarily weigh down your page. Visitors are most likely to act when a webpage is clean and simple, clearly directing them to the next step. Streamline the conversion process as much as possible so visitors don’t get frustrated and leave the page.

Tell your story.
Most businesses understand the importance of search engine optimization, but many overload the text with keywords and fail to tell their company’s overarching story. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, craft a compelling story on your website—one that exposes the human face of your business and wins the hearts of your audience. Consider adding an overview video or customer testimonials on your homepage. These simple additions will add a personal touch to your website and inspire your visitors to action.

Stay ahead of your audience.
The key to energizing potential customers is anticipating their needs. Make sure all the information they could possibly desire is right at their fingertips, including contact information, a map, directions and business hours. Your call to action should be equally clear — put it right in front of their faces so they can’t miss it.

Remove risk.
Online buyers are especially cautious of risk, so make sure you remove as many barriers as possible. Perks like money-back guarantees, free shipping, or price-matching offers will help your visitors feel safe and can dramatically increase conversions.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.
Many websites stagnate because they never move past the initial design. Marketing is a science, and you will never find the perfect formula without experimentation. Play around with headlines, color schemes, content length and campaigns to see what appeals to your audience. What works in December may be a flop in March; keep trying and don’t give up until you find the sweet spot.