South Carolina Manufacturing: The Numbers

SCThe Upstate still reigns supreme as South Carolina’s largest manufacturing region.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 67, 839 manufacturing jobs in the Upstate compared to 24,650 in the Lowcountry. That’s more than 2 ½ times! Also, data shows 1,348 manufacturing establishments in the Upstate and only 570 in the Lowcountry.

However, these numbers do not yet reflect the additions of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facilities.

“…Charleston is building up more of a manufacturing footprint and will be another major manufacturing presence in the state,” says Joey Van Nessen, a research economist at the University of South Carolina.

Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., an Idaho market research firm, predicts that manufacturing employment in the Lowcountry will grow 14 percent by 2024, compared to 6 percent in Greenville, Anderson, Laurens and Pickens counties.

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