The Key to Achieving Your Second Half Goals

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.19.04 PMAs the end of summer unfolds and companies work through the last bit of vacations, it’s natural for decision makers to contemplate new strategic directions designed to make the second half of the year successful.

Well here’s a reminder that employee engagement is critical to making that positive change happen at your company:

“Every change programme is unique with its own characteristics and challenges. What many of our clients tell us, however, is that unless employees are fully engaged and the leadership team is visible, the results of any programme will be limited and short-lived. However, with research showing that engaged employees are more likely to act as organisational advocates, drive business performance and support colleagues, there is every incentive for leaders to develop and harness this potential while implementing a change programme.”

– Jo Sweetland, UK-based HR Magazine

Meaningful, sustainable change requires full buy-in throughout the organization. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish for the second half of the year, make employee engagement a priority.

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