Hiring the Right People

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.20.27 PMBill Gates once said in reference to Microsoft’s 99,000 employees, “Take our 20 best people from us and, I tell you, Microsoft would become an unimportant company.”

Imagine you’ve just lost a member of your staff. Suddenly you’re in a mad rush to hire, which can mean one of two things: you’ll employ anyone half decent to fill the position or you’ll spend large amounts of time sifting through resumes and conducting interviews to find a suitable candidate.

Either way, you’re doing it wrong.

Smart entrepreneurs think ahead and start looking for people before they need them. They scope them out at industry events and networking parties. They ask others in their field who the up and comers are.

By gathering this “hit list” in advance, you ensure that you not only complete the hiring process more quickly, but that you hire better people the first time around.

Great companies are little more than a collection of great people. Take Microsoft and Bill Gates’ quote above as an example.

If you want to grow your company to greatness, build it with the right people.

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