How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Impact

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 1.04.30 PMWith over 380 million global users, LinkedIn is unquestionably one of the hottest and most rapidly growing social media platforms today. As the only platform solely dedicated to professional networking, it’s the prime site for business influencers to see and be seen.

But as significant as LinkedIn is, it is often misused.

Here are five steps to help you build a powerful presence on LinkedIn and ensure that you’re using the platform to its best advantage.

Polish your profile.
Your profile is the standard by which other users evaluate you and your company, so make sure it’s strong. Focus on keywords, clearly defining how you have helped others, not just what you’ve accomplished.

Your company page is just as important as your personal profile – see it as a sort of springboard from which your strategy can take off. Make it a goal to update the page every day so content is fresh, relevant and engaging.

Engage and interact.
The point of LinkedIn is not to create a static profile– it’s to network and build connections. Be active by commenting, liking and sharing content from your connections. This will help you build trust and form relationships, as well as gain familiarity with the ways people use the platform.

Harness the power of groups.
Join as many relevant groups as possible and become an active contributor. The format allows you to build a reputation and make an impact on a wider scale. The more you comment and share, the easier it will be to make connections with people who would have otherwise never crossed your path.

Publish long-form content on Pulse.
Pulse offers an excellent opportunity to share your expertise about matters relevant to your business, especially if it’s highlighted at the top of your profile. Publishing your content directly to LinkedIn is more beneficial than simply posting it to a blog or other channel because the content is directly targeted to key influencers – those people you most want to impress.

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