The Old and New South of Manufacturing

govhaleyRecently, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley went to the National Press Club to discuss the Palmetto State’s model for economic success.

In her speech, she discusses the idea of an old and new South.

The “Old South” was one that provided manufacturing jobs via textile mills, and the “New South” provides a wider array of manufacturing jobs in industries like aerospace, automotive and other high-tech sectors. She even states that the “New South” is outpacing Washington in growth of jobs, especially in aerospace, thanks to Boeing’s North Charleston plant. And Haley goes even further to say, “The Germans don’t like to hear this, but South Carolina is the BMW capital of the world.”

And she’s right, South Carolina has a strong track record in attracting these kinds of manufacturers. It’s now home to three automotive companies—BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo—and five international tire companies.

Investments in education and training have helped the Palmetto State attract these international businesses, but it’s the low labor costs along with the fact that it is a right-to-work state, that has won them over.

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