4 Things to Never Ask of Your Employees

worldsbestbossYour employees get it: You’re the boss and you’re in charge. But there are certain things you ask of them that may make them uncomfortable.

Here are four things you should never pressure your employees to do:

Don’t make your employees feel they must attend outside social events. – Yes, it is nice to host events for your employees to let loose and enjoy each other without the pressure of work. However, don’t pressure them to attend these events. Some people simply don’t want to socialize outside of work, and you can’t force camaraderie.

Don’t make employees feel they must donate to a charity. – There are many great charities out there that are worthy of your business’s support. But bosses should never pressure employees to donate their time or money to a specific charity. It should always be voluntary and not monitored. What your employees do with their paycheck is not your company’s business.

Don’t let employees go without food at mealtime hours. – If you schedule a lunchtime meeting, provide lunch. If you make your employees stay after hours to finish a project, provide a snack to tie them over until dinner. You cannot expect employees to work through meals without compensation. Feed them!

Don’t ask employees to evaluate themselves or their peers. – Self-evaluations are rarely truthful and peer evaluations are hardly reliable. It’s hard to be objective about yourself or people you work with on an every day basis. It’s your job as a boss to keep tabs on your employees and their performance.

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