Come on, Get Happy

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 1.19.04 PMWhat if, instead of happiness being your end destination, it played a role in your entrepreneurial journey?

Think about it: Using happiness to build a better business model. Making it an intentional value in your company culture. Experiencing it in your company’s daily activities.

Here’s how:

Build the right company culture.
Your business’s main purpose should be to add to the wellbeing of your customers and your employees. Commit to them with your time and financial resources. The more you give (happily), the more you stand to gain.

Define your core values.
What do you want your company to reflect? Establish these values and make your company’s actions mirror them in everything it does. Be real and transparent (and happy).

Make people feel (happy).
Work with purpose. Be passionate. And make your employees and customers feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Build the right team and invest in them.
Hire candidates who not only embrace your company’s culture, but also want to grow it. Provide your employees with opportunities and reward them appropriately. Make success (and happiness) a possibility for everyone.

When you bring happiness consistently to the workplace, people respond. And culture of committed happiness is seriously good for business.

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