How to Navigate the Small Business Loan Process

bizloanThe process to gaining capital for your small business isn’t always an easy one. From developing a relationship with your financier to creating an in-depth plan for your business, we have five tips to help make the small business loan process easier:

Check your credit.
– Most banks will look at your business credit standing as well as your personal FICO score. Check your credit scores before applying for a loan. If it needs some boosting, work to restore your credit before applying for a loan.

Get to know your banker. – As a small business owner, you have to build a relationship with the bank and banker before applying for a loan. It is important to build trust, but also for the bank to understand your business and your goals. Banks can do more than lend you a loan; they can also lend you advice and guidance about the loan process.

Create a strong business plan. – The loan is based on your business, so without a strong business plan, how can you show your banker your planned trajectory for growth? Make sure your business plan is well thought out; it is essentially a roadmap to your success.

Put some skin in the game. – There’s a lot of risk involved when lending money. If you want to get approved for your loan, you need to be willing to invest at least a small portion of your net income.

Be honest. – Borrowers should always be open and honest about their current financial situation. Keep your banker in the know at all times. They are there to help you.

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