Why You Should Stop Saying “Maybe”

Confusion-1024x677It might be a common word in your vocabulary. In fact, you might use it every day. But no matter how much you love it, it needs to be replaced. What’s this word, you ask? It’s the word “maybe.”

“Maybe” is a silent killer, and here’s why:

It seems nice – but it really isn’t
Think back on times you’ve used the word “maybe.” Why did you say it? Likely, you were trying to be polite and helpful, but weren’t truly enthusiastic about doing what you were asked.

When we say “maybe” instead of “no,” we usually end up taking on more than we intended, which can lead to resentment and uncomfortable interactions later on – two feelings that definitely aren’t “nice.”

It is a time-waster
What does “maybe” really mean? Well, it definitely doesn’t mean you’re going to deliver right now or likely anytime soon. It means that important decisions are held up and take longer to complete.

“Maybe” introduces confusion into a process that should be straightforward, wasting both your time and others’.

It steals your focus
When you’re waylaid with lots of scattered “maybes,” you distract yourself and your team. You should be completely focused on your goals. Instead, you’re pulled in many different directions by things you weren’t even completely dedicated to in the first place.

If you had answered those “maybes” with a simple, straightforward “no,” you’d be able to drive ahead toward accomplishing those things you already said “yes” to.

So the next time you’re tempted to say “maybe,” stop and think. If you’re considering giving a halfhearted “yes” to something you’re not enthusiastic about, be decisive and say “no” instead.

“Maybe” just won’t cut it when it comes to the important things.

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