How Your Business Can Create Environmental Change

These days, environmental sustainability is all the rage, with 2d0l1r8companies everywhere unveiling green programs and producing eco-friendly products. It can be challenging for small businesses that want to make a difference but lack the money and manpower for an elaborate program.

Fortunately, it’s possible to make meaningful changes that won’t exhaust your resources and still leave a lasting impact. If you’re ready to make some positive changes within your organization, here’s how to get started.

Be intentional
With so many companies starting exciting programs, it’s tempting to take on too much. It’s far better to plan thoughtfully and start slowly, taking your unique company culture and strengths into consideration.

Rather than tackling too much at once, pick just one or two places that need improvement.

Team up
To gain credibility and support for your efforts, consider teaming up with respected third party organizations or creating a network of likeminded companies. Together, you’ll be able to set greater goals and efficiently meet them. These outside organizations will help substantiate your environmental commitments and help you strengthen future ones.

Involve everyone
It’s important to make sure everyone has a role in your environmental strategy. Include all employees in planning and decision-making, and be sure each employee is fully committed. Without everyone’s participation, you’ll never make a significant impact on company culture or implement lasting change.

Make cost-cutting changes
One of the positive side effects of an environmental program is the opportunity to save money. Take advantage of this by making changes that cut costs while saving the environment – things like reducing water waste, replacing disposable water bottles with reusable ones, reducing electricity consumption or going paperless.

Spread the word
Have you made positive changes? Let your community know! Tell your story through social media, press releases or creative content like a video or blog – anything to spread the word and bring people together in support of environmental sustainability.

A Vision for the Future
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