Achieving Success as a Mom and Entrepreneur

Running a small business is a big job for anyone. But 95% of female small business owners add the title of “mom” to their already full plate. Both of these jobs seem to demand more than one person can give. So how do these women balance the two roles without shortchanging their children or their entrepreneurial dream?

While there’s no simple answer, here’s how some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs make it work.

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A Great Idea

Before investing in a business, be sure that your idea is creative, viable and something you’re passionate about. You’ll need passion and energy to carry you through the long hours and early mornings.

Define Goals

Before jumping into a business venture, draw up goals for the present and future of the business. Know what you’re willing to invest. If your goals are realistic, your business will shift with your family’s changing needs without losing steam.

Draw Boundaries

Dedicate set hours to focus on both work and family and stick to them. You’ll not only be more productive, you’ll also feel peace of mind knowing that both are getting your best.

Organization + Flexibility

Be as organized as you can, but recognize that plans may change. Give yourself room for adjustments so you can shift with changes when they come.

A Support Team

Any mother who runs a business is Supermom. But that doesn’t mean you can do it alone. Surround yourself with smart people who believe in your vision and can provide extra support when you need it.

Don’t Apologize

Being a business-owning mom doesn’t make you an inferior entrepreneur or mother. In fact, it makes you a more efficient, creative and thoughtful one. Own the fact that you do both, and celebrate the ways you thrive in each role. You have nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be proud of.

Woman-Owned Business Financing

Countybank has long been committed to offering competitive interest rates and flexible underwriting for woman-owned businesses. There are many SBA loans and small business grants available as well to support women entrepreneurs. Find out more by calling Countybank at 864-335-2440.