3 Simple Tips for Building a Sales Team

One of the chief concerns for most entrepreneurs is building a strong sales team. After all, a new company may get off the ground without a sales team, but it certainly can’t grow and reach its full potential without one.

3 Simple Tips for Building a Sales TeamHow can business owners build a competitive sales team right from the start? Here are some tips:

1) Make smart hires. – You don’t have to hire experienced senior salespeople to head up your team. Bright, young talent can be a smarter choice. They’ll be able to adapt to your evolving company, bringing energy to the sales process – even if they make small mistakes along the way.

2) Nail down plans. – Business owners are known for taking their ideas and running with them, which means planning sometimes gets shortchanged. Don’t let this happen to your sales team.

Lay out goals and expectations firmly before jumping in, including an ideal customer profile, long-term plans and a formal training and scaling process. Setting these ahead of time gives your salespeople clear objectives and helps them make more targeted leads.

3) Communicate early and often. – Does every member of your sales team know his or her exact responsibilities? Do they know their role in the sales process? Are there conflicts on the team or concerns about the company?

It’s critical for business owners to take time to talk with their sales team. Without regular, two-way communication, the sales team can’t grow and improve.

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