Booming Business Climate Nets Upstate 372 jobs

Signaling that the area’s business climate is alive and well, two companies recently announced plans to establish operations in the Upstate. ChartSpan Medical Technologies Inc. is preparing to open an operations center in downtown Greenville, while Zero Connect will open a plant in Pickens County.

chartspan business climateIn Greenville, ChartSpan’s nearly 100,000-square-foot office facility on North Main Street will serve the company’s clinical support operations. ChartSpan, a 2013 product of Greenville’s NEXT Innovation Center, allows medical patients to actively track and engage in their healthcare through mobile applications.

With its energetic growth and pioneering technology, the company will be a natural fit in Greenville’s dynamic downtown. The development will bring $3.2 million in capital investment to the city, along with 300 new jobs.

zero connect business climateA little further west in Easley, Zero Connect’s new 18,000-square-foot manufacturing facility will bring 72 jobs and $1.3 million in capital investment to the area. Zero Connect, a custom cable manufacturer and supplier of fiber and copper products, will be renovating an existing facility to create its customized manufacturing space. The new location, which is within one-day ground shipment of the majority of customers, will allow Zero Connect to better fulfill its mission of meeting customer needs.

What’s the best part about this development? The combined projected growth – a total of $4.5 million and 372 jobs – isn’t likely to end here. With two companies as successful and dynamic as Zero Connect and ChartSpan, the Upstate will continue to benefit from their presence for years to come.