How to Get Out of The Way of Your Career

This might sound surprising, but sometimes your own worst enemy is yourself – especially when you are at the start of your career. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the trappings of a new job. Focusing on the frills rather than the substance can pump up your ego rather than your skills.

career advise ego countybank sc greenvilleRead on to find some tips on how to stay out of your own head and let yourself succeed early on.

1) Don’t Fake It. – It’s an old cliché that when you feel insecure you should “fake it til you make it.” In your career, this advice can do far more harm than good.

You were hired for your skills and experience. No one expects you to be an expert the minute you walk in the door. Rely on the skills you already have, and be open to learning new ones. This will impress your coworkers much more than falsely inflated tales of success.

2) Fail With Low Stakes. – Risk is always present in business, even when you are just starting out. Whether it’s proposing a new project or recommending a new process, there are plenty of risky things to do at your job. It’s better to take big risks early on, when the stakes of your career are lower and the consequences will be less far-reaching.

3) Wait For It. – It can be tempting to take the first offer that comes along, or to only look for a career in a field you feel extremely passionate about. But when planning your career, you need to think long term. Sometimes the better option is waiting for an opportunity.

Which is more important, passion or purpose?

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