Momentum Builds for Women In Business

Women have faced tons of obstacles in their entrepreneurial quests, but there is some real change in the air. Today is a great time for women trying to break into business.

women in business countybank greenville scThere has always been an industry devoted to helping people start their own businesses, but just recently have we seen organizations specifically targeting women. Networking groups now exist that are devoted to connecting women entrepreneurs with investors, such as Astia and The Vinetta Project.

Historically, women have been kept out of high-powered positions. This still happens nowadays, but social media has made an impact. Gender discrimination now becomes highly visible headlines. Likewise, success stories about women entrepreneurs are providing a road map for other women.

The proof is in the pudding. With more woman entrepreneurs comes $3.8 billion in loans made by the Small Business Administration, up 19%, according to the SBA Office of Capital Access. More women are taking advantage of corporate and government contracts, too, by being a certified woman-owed business.

Women in positions of power are more likely than men to mentor, support, and ultimately promote other women. The fact that women are managing to get those kinds of positions, slowly but surely, lays the path for more women to continue to follow in their footsteps.

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