How to Actually Solve Problems in Your Meetings

Meetings are a necessary part of business, but if they’re not effectively managed, they can do more harm than good. If meetings at your company aren’t solving the problems they were designed to address, it might be time to revisit some best practices we all learned in high school.

You’d be surprised to find out what they can teach you about smarter meeting strategies.

  1. workplace-1245776_640Do Your Homework –About one week before the meeting, let everyone know the specific problems you’ll be addressing and ask them to come prepared with a few viable solutions. That way, you won’t waste valuable meeting time reviewing the problems; instead, you can go straight to fixing them.


  1. Wait Your Turn – Discussion-style meetings can drag on as everyone speaks over each other to make their point. A quick way to avoid this is by going around the room and giving everyone a minute or two to voice their opinions uninterrupted. People will feel less need to interject when you’re close to a solution because they’ll have gotten everything off their chest already.


  1. Thesis Throwback – Remember the three prong essays you wrote in high school? They were simple, but they worked. To incorporate this method in your meetings, start with a main thesis statement, and then bring in three different points to support it. This format will help you create a clear solution (thesis) with three supporting items (either reasons the thesis will work or methods to implement it). This method will help your entire team crystalize arguments into one clear, streamlined solution.


School’s In Session!

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