Why Countybank

Why Countybank

Grow with Countybank, is a well run, privately held bank, we’re able to focus our energy on the unique needs of every client.
That means more time invested in developing our people, our processes and our facilities. It also means we can be more selective about finding the right kinds of clients to achieve our growth objectives.

Specifically, at Countybank you’ll find:

  • Relationship Managers willing to spend the extra time to understand the dynamics of your business … your opportunities and challenges.
  • An attentive team of client-focused support personnel that appreciates your business to help you Grow with Countybank.
  • Electronic and web-based services that save you time and give you more access to helpful financial data.
  • A holistic approach to money management, starting with our five Financial Centers that bring together banking, wealth management, investments, trust services, insurance and mortgages.

Let’s Get Acquainted.

Grow with Countybank combines the personal engagement of a community bank with the technical sophistication of regional financial brands. If this kind of approach is missing in your relationship, we’d appreciate the opportunity to hear about your business, your vision and challenges. Feel free to call us at the numbers listed below, or complete the information requested here. We look forward to meeting you.